Flexible Rubber Suction Hose

Suction hose with steel flange is assembled with dredgers to deliver silt and gravels. Wall thickness of the pipe is from 31mm~58mm. The suitable working temperature is from -20°C to 50°C. It is convenient to install, flexible to use, safe, wearing-resistant and bending-resistant.

1. Used in wind-pressured sand -spraying machine to get rid of the rust by spraying sand or with iron ball.
2. Widely used for sucking or discharging of water, sand, air, and powders in industry, agriculture, factory, mining and building etc..
3. All kinds of sand rubber suction hose are made in suitable materials due to different purposes.

1. This kind of rubber hoses have almost no tolerance, and they are capable of resistance to sand and water, light, small flexible and wear well. The minimum explosive pressure is fourfold to work pressure.
2. Abrasion resistant, weather resistant,and zone resiatant. It is strong and durable.
3. They are logical designed, excellent qulity, and durable.


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