Dredging Suction Hose

Dredging Suction hose mostly used with these hoses are the rubber flange/steel backing flange and the double action flange.


1. Used for mud piping of dredge.
2. Widely used for sucking or discharging of mud,water, oil, air, and  Powered in Industry, agriculture, factory, mining and building etc.
Tube: Smooth NR/ synthetic rubber, generally color is black
Reinforcement: one or multilayer spiral fabric reinforcements, steel wire spiral layer,
Cover: Oil, abration and weather-resistant wrapped synthetic rubber.
1. The inner rubber liner is composed of wear-proof natural rubber and synthetic rubber
2. The reinforcement layer is composed of high strength rubber dipped chemical fiber and reinforced by spiral metal wire.
3. The rubber cover is composed of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.
4. The surface of the hose takes the shape of corrugated
1. Rubber hose pipes are used with dredgers for silt/gravels conveyance.
2. Pipe wall thickness range: from 20mm up to 50mm.
3. The suitable working temperature: from -20°C to +50°C.
4. Abrasion-resistant and bending –resistant.
5. It is convenient to install, flexible to use and safe.

Specification Table of Braided Hose:

Ship type Dredging hose I.D. Thickness of the steel ring Number of tyre cord layer Length
200m3 /H 400mm 35mm 12 1400mm
350m3/H 560 mm 35 mm 12 1500mm
Beaver1600 500 mm 35mm 12 1500mm
Beaver3800 650 mm 40mm 15 1500mm
Beaver4600 700 mm 40mm 15 1500mm

  Note: other size can be customized


Physical Index of Braided Hose:

Testing Item National Standard of Hose Lining Standard of the Company
Tensile Strength at Break (MPa) >12 >150
Elongation at Break % >400 >500
Akron Abrasion  cm3/1.6km 1 <0.8
Shore Hardness 63±3
Application Temperature  °C -40~+60

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